Business & Entrepreneurs

Is it true you can buy a Green Card? Actually, yes. If you have the money, it is possible to invest in the United States and as a result get your green card. The process is complex, but with focused representation, your chances of success will go up.

What you will need

The information and forms needed for an entrepreneur petition is extensive and complex. Some of the things you will need include the following forms/information:

• Form I-526, Immigrant Petition by Alien Entrepreneur. We will help you file this form even though you may be abroad.
• Articles of Organization of your company (e.g., an LLC)
• Operating agreement of your business (e.g., an LLC)
• Unemployment statistics for where you are going to operate your business
(e.g., you must show that the County you are operating your business in has more than 150% of the national unemployment rate in order to qualify for the vestment requirement of $500,000 rules)
• Evidence showing that you made an investment (e.g., over $500,000 or 1 million as the case may be). This must be very detailed. In other words, you must show exactly how you obtained the money you used for your investment. (e.g, if you sold a house abroad, you need to show the deed and how much you obtained through the sale)
• Tax Returns for the business
• Employment Eligibility Verification (Forms I-9)
• Employer’s Quarterly Federal Tax Returns

One approved, your will be given the conditional classification, T51 for employment.

Creation in a targeted rural/high unemployment area. Your spouse will obtain T52, and any of your children will obtain T53.

Removal of Conditions on Residence

To remove the conditions on your permanent resident, you must file Form I-829. You must file Form I-829 within the 90-day period preceding the second anniversary of your admission to the US as a conditional permanent resident. Your spouse and children should be included in the petition. The Form I-829 must be filed with the regional service center having jurisdiction over the location of your commercial enterprise. Your Petition must be accompanied by the following evidence pursuant to $ 216.6(a)(4):

1. evidence that you established a commercial enterprise as by, for example, income tax returns;
2. (ii) evidence that you invested or were actively in the process of investing the required capital. You can submit, for example, audited financial statements.
3. Evidence that you did (i) and (ii) above throughout your residence in the U.S. You will have considered to have done this if you have, in good faith, substantially met the capital investment requirement and continuously maintained your capital investment over the 2 years of conditional residence. You should submit evidence such as bank statements, invoices, receipts, contracts, business licenses, Federal or State income tax returns and Federal or State quarterly tax statements to do this.
4. Evidence that you created or can be expected to create within a reasonable time 10 full time jobs for qualifying employees. For “troubled businesses” you must submit evidence that the commercial enterprise maintained the number of existing employees at no less than the pre-investment level for the period following your admission as a conditional permanent resident. Evidence that you should include here include payroll records, relevant tax documents and Forms I-9.

If your I-829 Petition is denied, Section 216A(b) of the INA provides that your permanent resident status can be denied as of the date of that determination. You will, however, request a review of such determination in removal proceedings and the burden is on the Attorney General to establish that a condition of Section 216A(b) was not met.

If your I-829 Petition is approved, you will convert to E-51 for principal, E-52 for spouse and E-53 for child.